Times are changing... so is the face of trade and business. Now as the world is your marketplace. Idego International Pte Ltd is your door to the infinite opportunities in international trade and business. We are a reputed company with an impeccable track record in the realm of import and export. Whatever is your need.... be it the sourcing of new products or raw materials from international market, exporting of your finished products or expansion of your market into the international scenario, Idego is the most ideal partner for you. Idegoprovides you international trade solutions with quality, standard and professionalism. If you are already into importing, but face quality,pricing or logistics problems, we arehere to help you. We source you experts who can find ideal solutions to your problems.

Our Features

We are equipped with high levels of industry expertise and possess enough domain knowledge related to International trade. Choosing our services will not only save your time and money, but also increase the process efficiency levels as well.

Why Idego?

We are international trade specialists with a difference. We facilitate hassle-free import of your goods
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    We have 10 years of experience in sourcing products internationally.We have 10 years of experience in sourcing products internationally2. Our main operations office is in the heart of industrial China. Nearly 38% of all exports from China come from within a radius of 200 miles from our office

    Additional features: